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  Face Swap Function

Caricature Studio 4.0 includes an amazing utility to "morph" a face from one photo onto another photo. This is most commonly used for creating celebrity "fakes." This fun effect used to be limited to Photoshop gurus, but with Caricature Studio 4.0, anyone can do it!

Swapping A Face

First, let's choose a funny background image. This will be the background on which the face image is inserted. We won't open this photo yet within Caricature Studio, but we need to choose our background before proceeding.

1.  Open the face image within Caricature Studio that you'd like to insert. For best results, choose a photo in which the subject is looking straight into the camera. This is very important if you want a realistic final photo! This also applies to your background image (above).

2. Choose the Face Swap icon on the toolbar, or from the Caricaturize menu  

3. Draw a circle around the face area by placing the cursor at the top left area of the face, holding down the left mouse button, and dragging downward to the right. The key to a great looking face swap photo is selecting the proper radius when drawing your circle. You want to capture an area that includes all facial features, but does not extend too close to the edge of the head. The edge of the selected area will contain transparency, so any hard lines within the radius will show through and the image will not blend as well with the background. Here's an example of the proper area to select:

The resulting image will be shown in the Face Swap function window:

The Percent slider will increase the radius of transparency outside of the selected area. If you see the edge of the face, decrease the percentage by moving the slider to the left. If your selection area was too small and you cut off facial features such as the edges of the eyes, increase the transparency radius by moving the slider to the right.

If you see still edges, then you probably selected an area too close to the edge of the head, or an area that is too small. Simply click the Cancel button and try again until you get a clean crop of the face without the edges of the head showing, as in our example above.

4. Once you are satisfied with the facial crop, click the Browse button to Insert Background Image. Choose the background image identifed in the first step (in this example, the body builder) and click OK. Your face has now been inserted onto your background.

5. But wait! It's a bit too large. No problem! Click the edge of the image and drag it down to the desired size. Simply drag the face to place it in the desired position. Click OK when satisfied with the size and position, although you can still make adjustments within the main program window as well.

6. Looks great! But there's still some adjustments to make. The background image has a different color hue than the face image. We can adjust the brightness, contrast and color hue of the face image to better match the background by using the Adjust functions under the Filters menu. Here, we'll increase the red and blue hue slightly, and decrease the brightness. Be subtle with the filters. You may need to adjust several times to get a good match.

In the next example, we've adjusted the green hue, brightness and contrast to match the character:

  Check out the video tutorial section to learn more about the face swap function! Please note that internet access is required to view the tutorial videos.

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